Cybersecurity Solutions


Keeping student, faculty, and staff data safe today is a top campus concern. However, cybersecurity is so complex, challenging, and fast-moving that most schools can’t do it independently. Institutions are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and most cyber-insurance companies now require specific threat detections to be in place. Let us help you choose the right cybersecurity solution for your institution.

It’s simply not enough to wait until a breach occurs.

57% of organizations report an increase in the number of attacks over the past year
78% increase in the number of organizations hit by ransomware last year
46+ cybersecurity monitoring tools are in place in the average organization

Cybersecurity Solutions include:

  • FREE feature demos (EDR/MDR/XDR/Identity)

  • Pricing as low as $5 per node

  • Easy billing options

Delivering Comprehensive Security for Virtual Infrastructures, Physical & Mobile Devices

  • Management Console
    IT administrators can view and manage the security landscape from one screen.
  • Security Platform
    Built from the ground up, all security components – console, security modules, and tools – talk and work together seamlessly.
  • Single Cost
    All tools are delivered from one vendor in one installation so budgeting and cost justification is simplified.

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