Avid Licensing Options

License Type Description
Trial Annual subscription
License type Enables you to use an application for a set period of time without having to purchase a software license to activate the product.
Node Locked Ties the activation of the application to a particular device. Node Locked licenses cannot be moved from one device to another unless they are first deactivated from the machine on which they are operating (typically required in the case of a hardware upgrade). Software subject to a node locked license may be offered on a subscription basis.
Volume or Site License Allows for multiple instances of an application to operate using a single common Activation ID. This enables you to run the application on multiple devices concurrently. A volume license differs from a Volume License Server model in that the volume license does not require a server to allocate the licenses to the devices. Volume licenses require activation on each device independently. Software subject to a volume license may be offered on a subscription basis.
Managed Capacity Meters access to a variable resource within a particular software or hardware platform. Managed capacity licenses can be used to meter bandwidth, connections, storage capacity, workstreams, channels, and more.
Volume License Server or Network License Utilizes a network-connected license server to deliver and manage multiple activations of a single application. Volume License Server or Network licenses allow the license to be activated only one time (on the license server) and then delivered to the network-connected clients without additional activation. Volume/Network license servers can also reduce the effort required for software upgrades, by both delivering the upgrade software to the clients, as well as eliminating the need for individual activations on each client node. Volume/Network server licenses enable internal license administration through the use of managed device lists (license reservations). All nodes connected to a Volume/Network license server mimic a node locked license configuration, tying a single license count to a particular client device. Software subject to a floating license may be offered on a subscription basis.
Floating License Server Similar to a Volume License Server, with the exception that you must check out and return the license at every use. This capability allows for better license utilization, as the enterprise does not have to allocate for licenses that are not in use. Unlike the Volume License Server model, a client in a Floating License Server configuration will need to maintain connectivity to the Floating License Server. Once the application is shut down on the client machine, or the client is no longer visible to the server, the license on that client is returned to the floating license server and added to the pool of available licenses for other clients to consume.
Commuter Delivered to a client using the floating license server model, but allows you to “reserve” that license for a period of time, allowing you to disconnect from the floating license server for portable application use. Software subject to a commuter license may be offered on a subscription basis.
Hardware Key (aka Dongle) Relies on the use of a special USB device (e.g. an iLOK USB Key) to carry the licensing rights. An application running on a specific machine can consume the license from the Hardware Key to allow it to activate. Once the Hardware Key is removed from the machine, the application will not operate. The Hardware Key licensing model allows for portability of licensing, allowing you to carry your entitlements with you independent of the device you use.
Subscription For software available on a subscription basis, you may install and use the most current version of the software during the term of your subscription on one or more hardware devices, as permitted by and subject to the restrictions of the relevant license type above. Subscription-based software requires an Internet connection and is subject to additional terms and conditions.

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