Campus Technology Store Repair Price List

Diagnostic Fee
(Complementary 5 minute diagnostic. Then, $60 due at check in. Non-refundable, applied to first hour of labor, will contact with if additional hours of labor and parts are needed.)
Virus Removal
(Does not include data backup or recovery.)
starting at $60
Parallels/Bootcamp Installation & Configuration
(Labor only, Parallels and Windows must be purchased separately.)
Format & Installation of Operating System
(Windows must be purchased if original media and product key are not provided.)
System Backup
(Windows must be purchased or provided.)
$30 additional
Screen Replacements
(Must purchase screen through CTS, range $89 to $107.)
$60 + screen
Non-warranty hardware repair $60/hr
Hard Drive and/or RAM Upgrade
(Labor only, component must be purchased separately. Hard drive installation does not include OS installation.)
Software installation $20

* All software must be purchased or provided before installation.Please backup your data before leaving your system, your data may be lost. If your system will not boot and you request that we attempt data backup, this will result in additional an labor fee for the backup attempt. We cannot guarantee that backup will be successful.Time to diagnose is 2-3 days under normal circumstances.
May be longer at the beginning of the semester or during a virus outbreak. If parts must be ordered, the shipping time will extend the turnaround time.

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