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HiED, Inc. is an education-focused reseller and retail management service company providing technology solutions to higher education customers since 1999.
Our convenient on-campus locations provide students, faculty and staff access to academic discounts offered by Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Adobe, Microsoft, software, accessories, computer repair, trade-in and warranty services for most computer brands.

Campus-wide Sales & Support

 As your university’s Apple Authorized Campus Store, we’re the only retail location, other than an Apple-owned store, where your students, faculty and staff can purchase Apple products at education pricing. Our staff is trained on your university’s departmental technology recommendations providing guidance on computer and software selections.

Our Departmental Sales teams are dedicated to customer service. Whether helping with small emergency purchases, or coordinating with your department, your local sales team is there to guide you through the process of getting your department what they it need from start to finish.

Superior Store Staffing

You can rely on our personal and knowledgeable staff for any technical questions you may have. Any member of the staff can provide you with custom quotes on computer configuration and customer support. HiED personnel is flexible and able to accommodate specific needs that other large enterprises cannot provide. Our management team is readily accessible to customers and we constantly measure satisfaction to determine areas for improvement.


Software Contract Implementation

We both centralize and manage the time consuming and expensive process of distributing licenses and media to your students, faculty and staff. From verification of academic status, ensuring licenses are distributed to single users, processing any returns or exchanges, customer tech support and full reporting to university management, we provide a true end-to-end process for your university.

Procurement Integration

HiED’s procurement system is tightly integrated with major distributors and enables efficient order management and fulfillment for inventory of any type or volume. We are also able to integrate with eprocurement systems such as Sciquest to meet your integration needs. Our systems are both robust and flexible and we are able to implement and/or integrate with most any technology on the market.


Store Merchandising &
Inventory Management

We have developed best in class point-of-sale technology to enable us to engage customers efficiently. In additon to computers and software, we stock chargers, cases, storage devices, printers, toner/ink, cables, routers, backpacks, school supplies and more. It is a tremendous benefit to your students, faculty and staff to be able to pick up items immediately on campus.

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